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Two Days Post

Friday night I watched TV, read the paper, and went to bed to read at 2am and slept at 4am. I got up at noon and went to bookgroup. We had a guy who came once or twice a while back, but has been at the last two meetings. He will only come when we're reading books from 1980 or earlier and when one of the guys talked about Charlie Stross' books to him, he just shook his head. There's two problems with his coming: 1) he lectures. I'm not kidding, he has many pages of notes and insists on droning about the book (with which many of us are usually already familiar), 2) we frequently pass things around the circle (made of those 3'x6' tables) -- I usually bring things from the WashPost, one of the guys frequently brings pictures from his most recent motorcycle trip, etc. -- and he will never take them, not even to pass them on.

At least he doesn't come to dinner, which was at Olive Garden. While we were waiting in the foyer, I saw two young guys in suits and a girl in a dress that was appropriate for a dance, but it wasn't until we got our table that we realized there must have been a homecoming last night. Lots of nice outfits, plus some odd ones.

I got home about 7:30pm and went through the mail -- two bills, and an envelope from SWheat Scoop. I thought it probably had a letter in it and maybe a coupon, but it had four $1-off-per-box coupons. Then the next envelope was from SWheat Scoop and I thought that one had the letter; no, five of the $1-off-per-box coupons. I definitely don't mind the coupons, but I did think they would have put in a note. I signed on and paid the bills, read email, and put in that short post.

I did scoop litterboxes and then go to bed and right to sleep at 9pm. I set the alarm for midnight because Junie and I both had to have meds then and Loki got his psuedomeds to be even with Junie. I was awake enough to read Saturday's paper and make Monday's grocery list and then went back to bed. I brought four books home from the library yesterday -- the next bookgroup book, two Richard Jury books, and a new science book -- and I read the first chapter of the science book. It not only had bad proofing, it was boring. I already knew everything in that chapter. It was boring enough that I kept thinking of other things and took a long time to read just that chapter. I'll read the second chapter tonight and if it's as bad, it will go back to the library tomorrow.

I got up late, almost 3pm and haven't done much other than feeding the cats their wet food, be on the computer, and start washing sheets.
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