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No Flu Shot Today

Last night I watched the L&O tape and then read the paper. I started the sequel of the bookgroup book (I have time to finish tomorrow and might as well take it) and read until about 6am but set the alarm to 1pm. Loki woke me up (which was unusual) at 12:41 and I reset the alarm to 2pm. I actually woke up at 1:41pm.

I planned to get my flu shot today and my four-week labs (which are nine days late). There were two people in the shot waiting area so I decided to do labs first. The tech at the desk was the one who has a lot of trouble with complicated orders from multiple doctors and it took her 20 minutes to find the orders and print the labels for the tubes. Then 10 minutes to get all the blood out and offer a urine specimen. When I went back out into the open area, the flu shot list was going to close in 15 minutes and there were about 10 people there, with about 20 kids. I hadn't thought about that -- that they'd bring them after school. So the next time for the flu shot is Tuesday and I'll do it then.

Carl Paladino is running for New York governor and has had some very unpleasant words about gays. Well, now he's trying to get out of it.

And in the O'Donnell-Coons debate, O'Donnell seemed unable to understand Wolf Blitzer.

In France, a burger company trying to top McDonald's has started putting halal burgers in some of their restaurants. Many French are very upset.

A burger company here in DC, Rogue States, has been ordered to stop grilling. Their exhaust goes directly into the area of a well-known law office where the employees are having a lot of eye and lung problems.

In the US, black kids go into the water, but many don't know how to swim. That's brought targeted lessons to keep them alive.

Bangladeshi kids have the same problem, and are also being taught to swim.

Dana Milbank, who used to be a WashPost columnist and is now in Op-Ed, has a gift for puns and humor even in serious work. In this article, he starts with the Law & Order beginning, but contorts it to the Supreme Court, and then goes on to talk about how CSI-like the Court has become.
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