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Crown On

I read the paper while I watched No Ordinary Family and then watched other TV, both live and taped. I made it to bed to read at 1:30am and planned to come out and eat again at 3am when the cat food dispenser dispensed, but it didn't. I realized it was too late when the big cats came after me. The dispenser has a mode where you can push a button for five seconds and get the amount of food in the first setting, so they got their 1/4 cup. I had a tuna fish sandwich (Spirit yelled as soon as the can was open and I brought her the can) and had planned to stop reading at 4am but I read until 4:15am to finish the book. I went right to sleep, but Junie continued to whap me with her tail and knead on my actual flesh with her claws out.

I did get up at noon and got my permanent crown today. I have another day of soft food for the cement to, well, cement, so I didn't eat at that Anita's. I'll have to wait for my nephrology appointment -- 10 minutes further than where the dentists are -- but I have to go there anyway. I was really sleepy when I was almost home, so I scooped the litterboxes and went to bed for two hours. I have each of the DVD/VCRs set for two shows and I'm watching Modern Family. I might finish in time to watch a show live.

West Virginia has really hot temperatures way down and we in Virginia might get some benefit from it.

I don't, in general, follow sports, but it's hard to miss Gilbert Arenas. His last "hijinks" lost him the last 50 games last season and here he is, trying to screw up again. He has to want to be fired.
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