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News on Kitty Litter

I did the usual TV watching and reading the paper last night and then got to bed to read at 1am. I finished at 4am, but didn't go to sleep. I hadn't had enough protein, too, so I got up and ate and went back to bed at 5am. I set the alarm to 1pm, but I didn't go to sleep until 8am and turned the alarm off. I woke up a bit after 4pm.

I didn't get my four-week labs done, and they're a week behind already, and I'm going to have to really push to get up at noon tomorrow to go get the permanent crown in.

Swheat Scoop emailed me back -- it's not a company-wide problem, our local distributor found grain weevils in his batch and he trashed them. The company is sending him new boxes and we should have ours soon. Swheat Scoop has little pink papers one to a box and when you get 12, you can send them in for a coupon for a free box. My coupon came today.

Arlington Cemetary is causing more despair to families. Where other stones (and VA cemetaries) have the war listed -- World War II, Vietnam, Korea -- the new stones have "Operation New Dawn" for Iraq and "Operation Enduring Freedom" for Afghanistan. A lot of people think it's propaganda -- we didn't really go to war -- and the families are unhappy.

A judge has issued an injunction to make the military stop using "don't ask, don't tell", and also told them to stop any investigations and trials, etc.
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