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New Kitty Litter, temporarily, I hope

Last night I taped the Masterpiece Mystery while I was online and then watched it when it was done. I set up taping the news when it came on, and because there was football, I taped a really long amount. After reading the paper, I got to bed to read at 3:30am. I stopped reading at 6am and set the alarm for 2pm. I slept only bits until 8am but then continued all at once.

I dropped the DVD at the post office (although they're not open today) and went to the grocery. They had acorn squashes on sale and years ago I developed a really good recipe for making that a whole meal, but I wasn't sure I was up to it, so I bought some things that were already prepped. When I got to the cashier, he asked "What is this?" and I told him it was an acorn squash. I got a batch of Spirit's pills and when I headed for the kitty litter, there was a sign there saying it was recalled. I stopped at Southern States, which was the only other place that had come up on the location, and they didn't have any, either (they did have something black scutter from under my shelves to the next). I decided to get Arm & Hammer Multiscoop, which I'm not fond of and can't be flushed, but the only other flushable litter I can get here is newspaper pellets and pine pellets. I've never had a cat that liked those. I can't find anything about it being recalled online so I left a message at the Swheat Scoop website and I hope I hear soon.

I cleaned Spirit's big triangular litter box and put both Arm & Hammer boxes in it. I have one more Swheat Scoop box and I'll use that when I need to add to the big cats' litterbox. I'm washing cat blankies and Loki is sitting by me waiting for the food to be dispensed and it's due in a minute or so.

John Lennon's 70th birthday was celebrated in Liverpool with a memorial.
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