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Nap Next

Last night I watched TV and finished off the tapes. The second episode of No Ordinary Family was also good -- they're finding out some of the problems of having superpowers. I read the paper and got to bed to read at 2:15am. I went right to sleep at 6am and woke up at 2:21pm, so that's good. Unfortunately, I'm falling asleep now (made some odd mistakes today) and I'm going to come back to read LJ and ML later.

The ACLU is suing a South Carolina jail because they only allow their prisoners to read a paperback bible. A company is trying to send info about how to manage being in the prison, how to handle being out, etc., and none of their material is accepted. They were told that the jail doesn't have a library, but that would certainly be easy; I'm sure there would be lots of donors.

In Richmond VA, we're having the largest Tea Party convention so far -- 2000 people -- plus our top three elected officials.
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