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Out of the Drought!

The DC area has been in a drought watch for quite a while, but the last couple of weeks got enough rain that we're out of the drought!

Last night I watched TV, then watched a tape, then read the paper. I got to reading in bed at 3:30am so I just left the alarm on for 1:00pm. I was still awake at 8am -- pain, lots of pain -- and turned off the alarm. I woke up at 3:30pm. Nothing else exciting today. I may try to push forward since I'm going so late, but I don't know if it will help with this much pain. I would be very sleepy and still hurt too much to sleep.

The nonprofit Public Religion Research Institute ran a poll comparing tea partiers to their religions. It turns out that tea partiers frequently overlap the religious right.

A mobile home was allowed to burn to the ground while the firefighters watched. The trailer owner lived outside the small city and hadn't paid the $75/year fee to get the firefighters. That certainly makes sense, as long as no people were hurt.

Our stupid Virginia Attorney General doesn't believe in climate change and is using a lot of our money to try to get an email that will make the science bad. That's impossible, but Tom Toles has a very funny cartoon about it.
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