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One More Chilly Day

I'm watching another new show: The Defenders. Three of the five I'm watching are in the top five last week (Hawaii Five O, The Defenders, and Blue Bloods), and the other two are one I watched and decided not to (Mike & Molly), and one I didn't want to watch at all: the Shatner one. All are CBS shows, and the testing was in the 19-49 age range so I guess I'm watching younger than I fit. Mhmmm

After watching Glee last night -- lots of great pieces where the originals are from my time and Kurt did a completely different but wonderful version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (Ah, MTV says that piece had a hell of an emotional wallop) -- I got back online from 9pm-10pm and then went to watch The Good Wife, and back to online to finish at about midnight.

I have to play some games online each night to test how well my brain is working and I lost one two times. That hasn't happened before -- occasionally I've lost once, but not the next. I mostly win and judge by the score.

I watched the NCIS tape and then read the paper. I was able to go read in bed starting at 3:30am so I set the alarm for 1pm. When I woke up, it was 4:30pm. The alarm was still set, so I must have had my good ear down when it went off.

I took the trash and recycling out -- I don't usually do it that late and had a batch of bicycled tweens around the dumpster -- and then got a full-sized salad from Wendy's. I brought in the mail and have been back online since.

Richard Cohen is an op-ed columnist for the WashPost and I rarely agree with him. But yesterday, he compared what brought on Kent State to what Glenn Beck and tea parties are doing. It's not just accurate, but beautiful writing. Four Dead In Ohio
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