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Another Painful Night

I watched TV and read the paper, then went to bed to read at 2am. I stopped at 4am, with the alarm set to noon. I was asleep about an hour when I woke up because my left hip hurt so much. I tried to turn over, but that didn't help. I took another narcotic at 6am and I was still awake from pain at 7am. At 8am, I could take more narcotics, so I did, and read until a bit before 9am. I reset the alarm for 3pm.

The repair shop manager called me -- it was a broken cam in the signal, but they couldn't find anything that would make the car have that weird non-starting thing -- and told me how much it would cost and I told him to go ahead. He said he'd call me when they were ready. I went back to sleep and he called at 4:30pm, when I was online, and they sent one of the guys to get me. The big amount on the receipt was the installation of the signal; that's how it frequently is, the labor is more expensive than the parts.

I had dinner at Chili's and came home to get back online. I stopped to watch Glee and tape NCIS and No Ordinary Family. (Of the new shows, I'm watching Hawaii Five O, No Ordinary Family, Law & Order: Los Angeles, and Blue Bloods.)

Something that seems not only unusual but unnecessary and bad for college students is using a debit card through Higher One. They let you take extra money from your student loan and spend it, along with tons of fees. Some colleges are requiring students to get them so Higher One will give them part of the money. I don't think that's right.
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