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79F Yesterday, 54F today!

We're supposed to go back to the 70s in a few days, but it will be cold for a while. I thought it would be 66 today and put on winter clothes, but when I saw a neighbor in her heavy jacket, I put on a coat to go out, too.

Last night I got Loki's previous litterbox cleaned out. He was the first one to see the new one, and as usual, he was surprised and then advanced carefully. He did use it. I think that Junie first used it during the night. She kept waking me up until 7am and had a half-dozen fights with Loki on the bed. She probably thought one of us was making her share a litterbox, when it was me, of course. When I scooped today, everything was very well clumped, so I think this will work well. The grocery didn't have the litter I wanted so I won't be able to do Spirit's litterbox for a while. (I left a note for the store manager and hope he calls me back tomorrow.) I looked for other places locally that carry it, and also found that there's a multi-cat version. No coordination between those, I'd have to call or go to find out.

I also watched TV then read the paper last night. I got to bed to read at 2am and turned the light off to sleep at 4am. The alarm was set for noon, but when Junie kept me awake until 7am, I slept until 2pm. I started my errands with lunch at Wendy's -- they have TV ads where you get half-size salads and one of the dollar items and that looked good. I had the BLT salad and the small chili, which I liked. I'm still full and figured I'm okay for eating, but I looked up their nutrition and I got 390 calories and 21gr of protein. I have to eat again today.

I went on to take the cardboard to the transfer station, to get a battery for a clock from Radio Shack, to get money from the ATM, and to the grocery to get Junie's meds and primarily soft bread/breadish things to go with the soft high-protein things I got Friday.

I got the mail and brought everything in, putting the sliced roast beef in the fridge, and took the van back to the guys who work on it. It's time for the state inspection, plus my left signal doesn't cancel (I've been doing it by hand, but it turns out it's a requirement of the law to have that work), and in the last month or so, I have twice had the van try to start and then stop. I had to give it gas and then it was fine. One of the guys up there brought me back and they'll work on it tomorrow.

The WashPost had a thorough painful article on military traumatic brain injury and how the soldiers came home different people. If you click on the second part of the black part -- graphics -- the orange part to your right is the temporal lobe. That's where I had both of my big strokes. All of the graphics are interesting to see how the brain is damaged.

This sounds funny, but I know it's important: The Post Office will be making people who mail a flat piece of mail, bigger than 10 inches, that droops too much, pay more to use bulk. It has to be hand-sorted which costs more to do.
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