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Marilee J. Layman

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05:57 pm: Asimov's December 2010

While Sheila was at the Nebula Awards, she and some other SF fans got a seat to watch Atlantis launch. She writes about it and there's pictures. Silverberg writes about Kornbluth.

Here's the stories I liked:

1) "Libertarian Russia" by Michael Swanwick -- the libertarian has some problems and the ending will surprise you.

2) "Freia in the Sunlight" by Gregory Norman Bossort -- making an intelligent drone and giving it access to data can change the mission.

This is my favorite:

3) "Uncle E" by Carol Emshwiller -- four kids try to live without their mom (her body is still in her bedroom) and when they're about to starve, they let Uncle E in to help. He has to go back after he sets them up.

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