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Heat vs. Air Conditioning

Last night I watched the last tape I had and I'm not going to watch The Whole Truth again. I read the paper and got to read in bed starting 3:45am. I finished Asimov's at 5am and still set the alarm at 2pm because my left big toe hurt so much that I'd taken two narcotics. At a point when I woke up and turned over, Junie came and pushed her head in under my hands -- forceful petting -- so I put my hands under the covers. I reset the alarm to 2:30pm and got up then.

I arranged the Sunday paper and called in a refill for Junie's prescription. The sheets are being laundered and I have the new giant litterbox in the utility room where Loki's used to be and it takes two boxes of litter to fill it. I went ahead and cleaned the litterbox Junie was using and put it in the workroom. I'll do the litterbox that Loki was using later.

I've been turning the a/c to 74 when I get up (and to 70 at night) and it was still at 70 two hours later, so I've turned the heat on. We go back to 70s in four days or so and I'll probably go back to a/c then.

The Commonwealth Games are in India this year and the infrastruction is falling apart. A lot of countries have already decided not to come, and those that came are not happy.
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