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Too Late

Partway through reading LJ yesterday, I went to have dinner with lizzibabe -- I fixed an anklet for her and she treated me at Noodles & Co. She was still wearing her work shirt and the manager recognized it. Apparently they will give a free lunch to a company for a meeting at the restaurant -- probably to get people to like the food -- and he gave her his card. The food was good, and the talk was better.

After I finished reading LJ and ML, I got the boxes that will go out on Monday all appropriately smushed or deconstructed and have the rolling cart with them in the foyer. I watched the tape from last night -- I do like Blue Bloods -- and then read the paper. I went to bed to read at 3:30am and finished at 6am. I set the alarm for 2pm, but I got up to use the bathroom at 1pm and I clearly needed more sleep. I turned the alarm off and woke up at 5:15pm. If either of the big cats tried to wake me, I was too deep in sleep.

Normally, setting up the paper to read later doesn't take much time, but I got the ads and flyers section today, which also has the WashPost TV Week (I mark all the shows I want to watch using a pink pen -- it shows Lonestar, but apparently it won't be there) comics, magazine, and then Parade, so I got everything separated out and made the grocery list for Monday, which is soft food with less protein, and kitty litter.

Spirit came up on my lap with a damp tail and top of her back, and her bed was damp (no smells) so I dried her off and washed her bed. The boxen are near the triangular endtable and Junie keeps trying to either get in one, or get one out. I did leave her sliding box on the floor of the living room.
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