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Lots of Sleep

When I was online last night, the bottom of my left forearm became so painful that I considered calling Kaiser's advice. I took narcotic when I took that nap, and two when I went to bed, and it feels mostly fine today. I don't know where the pain came from, but the narcotics sure made me sleep today.

Last night I watched TV and a taped show, read the paper, and went to bed at 3:30am. I read until 6am and set the alarm for 2pm. I ended up sleeping until 3pm. The new Biddy Cat litterbox came and I was sure it was too big, but no, it exactly fits. I'll have to work on swapping and cleaning litterboxes tomorrow or Sunday. Junie loves the box it came in and has been inside for an hour and a bit.

Four women went to China to clean Tai Shan's pen and even brought his poop home. I'm not sure how that got through customs.

An odd article, which has no studies, has bird people arguing with cat people as to whether all outdoor cats should be killed or not.

My city's lawyer says the new adult shop in Old Town probably can't be moved or closed, but the city is still spending almost $74K to find a way to do it.

The WashPost has an interesting set of stories on how Congress gave Alaskan natives the ability to earn money from contracts that don't have competition, but since they don't know a lot about the kind of contracts that make money, most of the money goes to people here in the lower 48, and mostly here in Virginia. The natives are still left in duress.

And finally, one of Tom Toles' great cartoons -- this one on the federal deficit.
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