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Poutine in DC!

I watched TV last night and then after the news watched two shows I'd had on tape. The new show I watched was L&O: Los Angeles and it's pretty much L&O. The actors are very good. Fox has cancelled Lone Star; I hear it was only the elite who liked it. I went to bed to read at 3:30am and read until 5:30am, expecting to sleep earlier, but I was still awake until 7am. Junie kept wanting to be petted. I got up at 2pm and took the trash and recycling out, swapped books at the library, had a soft vanilla cone (ate the cone on the other side of my mouth), and picked up soft foods at the Giant. The problem with the soft food is that a lot of them have lots of protein so maybe I can make a large amount of pasta or coucous and use it over a few days.

It rained heavily before and after I was out, but was nice and dry for me. The area has lots of floods and a tornado watch until 7pm. The clouds are going an abnormal way -- toward the north -- and that's because the rain is from a tropical storm heading up the east coast.

Fisher-Price is recalling more than 11 million toys. You can find the list here.

One of the DC food trucks sells hot dogs with poutine on top.

The book in the Richard Jury series that I just finished had a lot of weird copied phrases from the book before it. They both have young girls sit on something (rock/downed tree) with their head on one side and their feet on the other. One character moves his glass in damp circles on the table and a brand new character does it in this book, too. It just went on and on. Maybe I noticed it because I read it right after the other, but if the next is like that, I'm not finishing the series.

I only want to watch 90 minutes on TV tonight, so I'm going to have a nap now and come back later to read LJ and ML.
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