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Temporary Crowns

The new show last night was No Ordinary Family where humans become superheros. I figured it would be too stupid to finish watching, but it's not that bad. The mother of a dysfunctional family has to go find a plant near the Amazon and the rest of the family go to "get together." The plane crashes in the river (pilot dies) and after they come back, they have new powers. Not all of them like that, and they find some problems in helping people. I'll definitely watch again next week.

Then I read the paper and got to bed to read at 1:30am. I turned the light out at 4am (with the alarm set for noon), but couldn't stop thinking until 7am, so I'm really sleepy. I'm debating having a nap now and coming back to watch TV (three shows at the same time) and then reading ML & LJ but haven't decided yet.

I got the temporary crown put on today and went to Anita's. I saw one just a few blocks from their place and our Anita's left some years ago (no other restaurant has lasted more than a year in that building); I was really craving their posole. They hand out corn chips and salsa and on the fifth chip, the crown broke. I went back and they put a new one on. The dentist had told me not to eat sticky things; he said nothing about hard things. I looked online for an actual list of soft food and this one has a lot of things I don't like to eat, but it does give me some more ideas, though.

I go back in two weeks for the permanent crown and the dentist said I could go eat at Anita's right after that.

We recently killed a woman who participated in two murders, but they were run by her co-conspirators and she had a 72 IQ. She was listed for the death penalty while her male co-conspirators got life. Our governer wouldn't let her live. In yesterday's Letters to the Editors, we got a very good point from Ann Simon of Oakton (I'll just put all of the letter):

I read with great interest about Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell’s “error of haste and not of heart,” which resulted in changing Confederate History Month to Civil War in Virginia Month. I believe that was a good remedy for a poor decision.

If, in a few months, he regrets allowing Teresa Lewis to be executed, I wonder how he will remedy that poor decision.
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