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Wrong Mode, Too Much Tape Watching

I had five hours to watch last night -- three at one time and two at another -- and I planned to watch two, have one VCR watch one and the other watch two. In the three I watched, Two and a Half Men was regularly good, but Mike and Molly is bad. They're both fat and everybody will talk about it -- that's like two people having blue hair and people talking about it to them every three minutes. You know people will get used to it, but not in this show. So I'm not watching that again. Hawaii Five-O was very good, but quite violent.

I then watched the tape of Lonestar, which the WashPost TV reviewer says won't last much longer, and I still liked it. I hadn't planned to watch the other tape last night, but it popped out at two hours and I knew that meant the record mode was wrong. I knew exactly how it got that way, too -- I had gone to push the tiny Clear button and must have accidentally also pushed the tiny Rec Mode button beneath it. I need to use both VCRs tonight, too -- three shows at 8pm, one each at 9pm and 10pm -- so I started watching the second tape. The Event was stupid so I fast forwarded after the first 10 miniutes and won't watch that again. Then I watched Castle, which was about its average.

I read the paper and got to bed to read at 3:30am. I set the alarm for 2pm and when it went off, I was still very sleepy (Junie woke me up three times to pet her) so I continued until 2:41pm. I took the receipts and dollar to the grocery and the guy at the desk was thrilled that I brought money back. I would have guessed most people did that. I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's -- the garden bar and a loaded baked potato.

We're due for storms and it's getting that yellow outside. I go for the crown on the root canal tomorrow, but I expect to be online.

Hmmm, the food machine just delivered and I think I know why it's turned to the right. That way only one cat can eat at a time.
Tags: cats, crown, errands, reading, sleeping, tv

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