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Rain, Windy, and Chilly

Last night I watched Masterpiece Mystery, finished the paper and went to bed to read right before 2:30am. I stopped at 5am and set the alarm to 1pm. Junie kept waking me up to play with her or pet her, so when the alarm went off, I reset it to 2pm. It felt like no time at all.

I deposited my check and took money from the ATM (they're not very good at giving you money back from a deposit), mailed a check to Consumer Reports (they offered me 10 issues for $20, which seemed pretty good), and got groceries.

I thought the checker had run my store card so when I saw what was due, $50, I gave her two 20s and a 10. She looked at it and said she must have missed running it, and she ran it again and the money came down to 39.99. She gave me money back and I didn't look at it because there were a lot of people behind me. When I got home and emptied my pockets, I saw that she gave me a 10, a 1, and a penny. Of course, that's an extra 1. It's too bad she didn't know how to subtract that. I'll take the one back tomorrow, particularly because it's a massively debilitated bill.

It was so windy the van rocked! It's supposed to continue raining for the next few days, which is fine with me. I do have some of my regular hair coming in now, but the cytoxan hair, which is dominant, doesn't change with rain.

Ben & Jerry's is not natural! There's no actual definition for that, but a public safety organization asked Unilever to take the "All Natural" label off and Unilever agreed.

Taking antibiotics can change your gut bacteria, sometimes permanently, and babies born via C-section get different types of gut bacteria than those delivered vaginally.
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