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More Smacking

I watched Medium, which was not quite as good as most of their season firsts, CSI:NY, which has brought in Sela Ward to replace the one who played Stella -- I'll have to see if I like her here, and Blue Blood which might do better in books than on TV, but I'll try it at least once again -- a family is all cops plus a prosecutor and some of them are part of a secret club.

Then I watched one of the tapes: I watched the first eight minutes of Outsourced, which was really stupid, so I fastforwarded to CSI, which finished the last show from last year and was very good, then watched The Whole Truth. The Whole Truth has the prosecutor (Maura Tierney, who doesn't look anything like she did in ER) and the defender (Rob Morrow, Numbers). The way each gathers their case is shown and then their presentation in court. We see what the jury decides and then the prosecutor and defender date. I'll try that once more.

Then I read the paper and read in bed until about 6:30am. I came out to get the paper and sit with Spirit for a while and went back and to sleep by 7am. I woke up at 3:30pm and then worked through the coupons and made the grocery list for Monday as well as reading the front pages of each section. Spirit was sitting on my lap and every now and then she'd go down and eat more from the wet food dish and one time, Junie smacked her back end very thoroughly and I smacked Junie with a piece of the newspaper. After I got up, Spirit sat in the recliner seat for the first time in a long time, and of course, Junie put her paws up on the seat which scared Spirit back to her bed.
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