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The Root Canal

I got that done today; I get the crown on top Wednesday. Last night I watched the two hours of L&O:SVU (although it was really two one hours) and taped Modern Family, The Whole Truth, Criminal Minds, and The Defenders. I'll let you know what I think about the new ones when I watch them. I read the paper and read in bed from 3am to 4am, even though I had the alarm set to 11am. I had a bad night -- I don't know if it was fear of the root canal or what -- and was very sleepy in the morning. Sleepy enough to sleep during a part of the root canal.

I evidenced my traditional Murphy's Law Patient: my tooth was small (so are all the rest of them, and they still crowd my mouth); he had a lot of trouble finding the canals because they were so small; because they were small, he had to use hand saws instead of rotary tools; and one small tip broke off inside (not a danger).

I could eat and drink once I came home, but I've only had iced tea so far (my phone alarm just went off so I need the wellbutrin pills). I called Kaiser Permanante's Member Services Medicare section and they didn't know if they'd sent the notice that I'd gone into the donut hole to Medicare yet, and asked me to call Medicare. I called them immediately and they said they didn't have the notice, so Kaiser had to send it, and when they sent it would make the difference of when I get the $250 check. So I called Kaiser back and explained this; the woman I talked to will call me tomorrow about it. (I've been in the donut hole for about a month and $500, so I would really like that check.)

That part yesterday on the woman who used a handicapped tag that didn't belong to her was also reported in a column yesterday. One woman, Nancy Copeland of Manassas makes no apologies for using the hang tag issued to her husband, who suffered a massive stroke five years ago. She is his sole caregiver, running all the family errands. "For all the things I must do for our family and especially my husband, if on a rare occasion I can park closer, I believe I deserve it,". There's a reason that caregivers don't get to use the handicapped tags -- they're not handicapped. She would be taking care of her family anyway, and why isn't the family helping?
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