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Annoying Mistakes

I have the root canal tomorrow, so may not be online.

Last night I thought two of the shows I wanted to watch were on at 9pm. I don't know why, one has always been at 8pm, but I missed Glee and NCIS, but watched Life Unexpected. I can't see any repeats listed of those episodes. I think it was because of how tired I was. I can't sit up long enough to watch online. I did, though, watch Two and a Half Men, Molly & Mike, and Hawaii Five-O from the second tape. Molly & Mike might actually be good if they got rid of the sister and partner cop, but I think it'll close. Hawaii Five-O is much more violent than the original but it was all set-up; I'm willing to watch it again. Then I read the paper and went to bed to read at 3am and set the alarm to 1pm. I reset it to 2pm and then just turned it off and slept until 2:30pm.

I took the trash and recycling out and then went to a different store of the grocery I use. My regular store only had eight cat food cans of the right type and with what I had at home only gave me enough to the middle of next week. Plus, I was very close to 500 points, so I got 20 cans at the other store and was at 501. That gives me gas at Shell for $.50 less per gallon, which turned to $2.07.9 and filled the empty half-tank. I managed to get the gas cap under the car again (actually, the pump end did that) and had to use the reacher again.

I'm going to try more shows tonight.

A woman parked her car right in front of the building where the Congressional Black Caucus dinner was being held. She asked a police officer if she had parked properly, and he said Yes. That's because he didn't know that the handicap tag belonged to her husband. We learn that later in the article and I sent in a letter right away. I got email yesterday telling me they had more than 100 letters about it and had already picked four for today. The top one on the first page and all of the letters on the second and third pages.

Hey, you want to get fitter? You believe in God? You need Body Gospel which includes Praise Arms, Praise Lunges, and Hallelujah Hands!

A TV ad last night was for Revlon Just Bitten and yes, the color names hark to the genre: Passion, Twilight, Frenzy, Beloved, Crave, and Midnight. Think teens will buy it just for the names?

Yesterday's WashPost Health & Science section spent a lot of space on weight. There's an interesting article that gives you the nutrition data (not protein, but some of the restaurants have it) for some popular food and also an article on how obesity has spread through the US, with maps.
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