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Some Other News

Saint-Gervais, a small town in the French Alps has had a beautiful glacier above them for hundreds of years. Unfortunately, global warming has caused the Tete Rousse Glacier to start to melt and it's holding a massive amount of water. The mayor of the city, and scientists, are worried that the water will break free and destroy the village. The scientists are bringing the water out carefully from the glacier, but they've now found more pockets. Everybody believes this except the people who deal with tourists.

Ezra Klein is very good at politics and yesterday put in a small bit of humor. He wrote: "Christine O'Donnell, who scored the upset in Delaware, rails against the deficit but says we "absolutely" have to extend the Bush tax cuts. That's $4 trillion straight to the deficit's hips. How will she pay for it? "Waste," of course."

The county around our city is celebrating the Civil War sesquicentennial, since they also surround part of the National Park. The county has been awarded the No. 1 tourist destination for 2011..... by the American Bus Association. (last item on page) Heh
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