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Non-Sleepy Monday

Usually it takes me three hours to read the Sunday paper, but it took four last night because there was a lot of extra paper. One was reviews on all the new shows, but the other was the National Book Festival on the Mall. They consider three of the included authors as blending reality and fantasy: Diana Gabaldon (yes), and two vampire people: Elizabeth Kostova and M.T. Anderson. So they were 1/3 right. They don't mention Suzanne Collins as fantasy/SF, even though they do have her there and mention the Hunger Games. She's under Teens and Children. Hmmmm.

I went to bed to read at 3:00am and set the alarm for 1pm. I did read right up to 5am, but had to take an additonal narcotic and I was still in pain all night. I slept off and on, but didn't get enough. I got groceries today, washed cat blankies, and am now washing clothes. There's a batch of new shows to try to watch tonight, plus new seasons of some old ones I like. Six hours of shows over two actual hours, so each VCR can watch two hours and I can watch the last two, which means I really need to stay awake.
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