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Rehydration Fluid

Again, watched TV, read the paper, and went to bed to read at 1:30am. I did manage to read until 4am and go right to sleep, though. The alarm went off at noon, but I turned it off and slept until 12:45pm.

I couldn't have my light cranberry juice because I needed to be fasting for today's labs. I took the trash and recycling out, mailed a letter, and went to Kaiser. An EMT van and fire engine arrived while I did, and as on Friday, headed for OB/GYN. I mentioned it to the lab tech and she said lots of women are having to go to the hospital like that to deliver. mmmhmmm On my way to the lab, I left an envelope with four flavors of the powder that makes up the rehydration fluid for the nutritionist. She was very sure that the potassium in the powder was way too much. I tried to explain to her that I'd been using them for a long time and my potassium has been fine all that time. She has access to my online chart and can pull up a graph that shows that.

I printed out a map for the endodontist tomorrow -- it's an area I've never been to and although it looked like something I could remember, I figured I should have a map.
Tags: endodontist, errands, labs, nutritionist, reading, sleeping, snow babies, tv

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