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The Oral Surgeon

As usual, when I got offline, I watched a TV show, then read the paper, and went to bed at 1:30am to read. I only managed to read until 2:30am and woke up a number of times during the night, but didn't get up until noon. I'm not sure why I'm so sleepy all the time.

It turns out that the oral surgeon has to talk to my nephrologist (who ordered the Fosamax) because oral surgery on someone who takes Fosamax could be a problem -- high end is losing a jawbone. Other than that, what he wants to do -- five extractions (four wisdom teeth) -- and what he did today will cost about $1000, which is much less than I anticipated. Still have to use the credit card, though.

Right before the Le Bistro delivered another batch of cat food, there was about 24 pieces still in the bowl, so I think that's working well.
Tags: cat food, doctors, reading, sleeping, tv

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