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The New Lost City Ramblers, The Greenbriar Boys

This is two of Pete Seegar's TV shows called "Rainbow Quest." The New Lost City Ramblers had Pete's brother in it, whose singing wasn't that good, but he was a marvelous autoharp player. That group was raw in the pieces they played, and Pete would play with them sometimes, too (he also plays alone at the start). YouTube has a copy of them playing "Soldier and the Lady" and a copy of them playing "Man of Constant Sorrow" from this show/DVD.

The Greenbriar Boys were more polished and more professional. They also played with Pete, who said that was the purpose of the show -- to learn each other's pieces. YouTube doesn't have any copies of the show, but there's other works of theirs around.

I loved the DVD, but the cats were a little worried that I harmonized.
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