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Marilee J. Layman

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02:54 pm: Loki Has Buspar

When I got off last night, I had a frozen microwavable dinner and then later an orange. I was nowhere near where I should be. I'm not sure the nutritionist understood 1) that I don't get hungry, b) that I'm not up to fiddling with food all day.

After that dinner, I read the paper but kept going to sleep on the last couple of pages. I got to bed at 1:00am to read, but only made it to 2:15am and 54 pages. I kept dropping the magazine and going to sleep. I got up partway through the night to take another narcotic because I'd sat up way too long yesterday. Loki and Junie went out for more food at 3am and 11am, which is when two of the food deliveries are scheduled.

This morning I had Junie's (pill)pocket and Loki's snackie, but Junie didn't come to it fast enough and Loki ate both. He's never liked the smell of the pillpocket before, so I'll have to be careful. It's not going to hurt him to have the one dose, and it probably won't affect Junie to miss one, but it's still not what I want to happen. I may have to give out the snackies with the others in the living room.

I have two VCR/DVDs with digital tuners and both are having trouble with some digital channels. I checked the cables and ran the channels again, but nothing changed. They both have a problem with CBS, but the other problems are different on each machine. It's hard to believe that's from Comcast, but I'm not sure what else would cause this.

A leading mortgage expert, Keith Gumbinger, has a plan to help homeowners whose mortgages are underwater, but they're still paying them. He thinks they should have some of the bail-out money that others have.

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Date:September 11th, 2010 09:38 pm (UTC)

... your cat takes one of my meds.

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Date:September 12th, 2010 06:10 pm (UTC)
Another cat takes prozac and I take wellbutrin. It's the male cat who doesn't take any meds. Spirit (prozac) and Junie (buspar) have related meds. I took Junie and Loki, the male, in as rescues last fall. It turns out, I think, that Junie is really an only cat. She tries to hurt and attack both of them. It's not such a big deal for Loki because he's bigger and he'll fight back if he wants. But Spirit is tiny, 12-years-old, toothless, and almost blind. She's so terrified of Junie hurting her that she lives under the end table next to my recliner and will come sit on me when I'm in the recliner. The idea was to make Spirit less worried, and that has worked a bit, and to make Junie less violent, and I'm not sure that worked at all.
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