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The Nutritionist

On the way home with the prescription yesterday, I stopped at Noodles & Co to eat. I was keeping track of what I'd eaten yesterday and calories, protein, sodium, and fat to show the nutritionist today. When I got home I napped for three hours and read the paper.

The Petmate Le Bistro Programmable Pet Feeder came, and between my dry hands and its slick plastic, I had to carefully move parts over to the computer desk to put it together and program it. I hope this will help Loki and Junie lose weight without so many problems with just one serving of dry food a day. I set it for three 1/4 cup portions a day and so far, they're fine with it. Loki was the first to look, before it let out a serving, and he went to eat when the food came out. I hadn't seen Junie eating until just a few minutes ago, but she hasn't been whining at me, so I was pretty sure she had. Earlier, Spirit went across the living room to the end table that matches hers and kept listening for it to put out food, but she missed the time.

I really needed to clean Junie's litterbox yesterday, and the Peapod delivery could have come by 7:30pm, so I set the VCR to watch NBC News at 7pm and got that done. I watched the tape and then the delivery came. I got everything put away but the cranberry juice and folded the heavy bags. I'd ordered a different kind of snackie to keep in the bedroom so Loki had something when Junie had her (pill)pocket and he was very happy and wanted more.

I went to bed at 10:30pm and tried to read until 11:15, but I kept going to sleep and only got 15 pages read. I happened to be awake at 3am when the feeder gave out food again, and Loki went and looked at it. I was awake for a bit and read more, but was back asleep at 4am. I woke up at 11am and was off to Kaiser at 1:30pm. I put the prescription in, had labs (my new tube high -- 22 at a time!), picked up the prescription, and read a bit before the nutritionist called me in.

I gave her a copy of yesterday's eating and told her that from my point of view, I need to get more calories (I had 750 and I'm supposed to have at least 1000) and more protein (I had 21gr and am supposed to get almost exactly 50gr) and how did she think I should do that. The fat was quite low and the sodium was fine. She agreed, but she wants me to eat more often -- three meals a day and two snacks -- plus more food. I just wanted to make it to the required amounts, not so much food. I'll have to look over the meal lists she gave me and see if I can do that. And no, I haven't eaten since noon, and I'm not hungry and don't know what I'm going to eat.
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