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Not Quite the Regular Time to Get Up

I was offline by 2am and planned to just read Thursday's paper today, but then I remembered that I hadn't had the replacement fluid yet. I read the paper while I drank the fluid and went to bed to read at 4am and turned the light off at 6am with the alarm set to 2pm. I was sleepy, but didn't go to sleep. I got up at 7am, had toast and petted Spirit, read the front pages of the paper sections, and went back to bed at 7:30am. I was still awake at 8am and read until 10am. Then I was really sleepy and decided to leave the alarm at 2pm, thinking that I could sleep that bit and then take a nap later.

After Junie bothering me for a bit, I checked the alarm and it was 2:01pm and the alarm had stopped going off -- I had the bad ear up. I knew that was not actually enough sleep, so I set it to 5pm. I actually woke up pretty clearly at 4pm and am now sleepy. I'm going to try to hold out until 11:30pm at least and then go to sleep.

I wanted pizza today and ordered it, but forgot to tip the driver! I've put money in an envelope and will take it by tomorrow, and hope it will get to the right driver.
Tags: alarm, cats, food, reading, sleeping

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