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More Work

I'm not sure how this works out, but when I stay up all night and sleep all day, I get more done. I can't do that regularly because I have too many things to do, like see doctors and get labs, in the day.

I taped Make it or Break it while I was online and then read the paper until the end of the news. I beaded and watched three hours of the four I had taped and went to bed to read until 7am. I took the trash and recycling out, had a McDonald's breakfast, and brought in two days-worth of mail. I didn't have two refills I need and ordered in plenty of time and they weren't there today, either. The website says they were mailed 8/30 and usually they're here the next day (same large sorting facility), but they weren't. I hope they're here tomorrow.

It was 65F when I was out and almost no humidity. It was really lovely. I got home and went right to bed at 8am, and would have gotten up at 4pm if the cats didn't keep trying to wake me up. I got up at 4:45pm. I'm going to try this tomorrow, too, to get the large amount of cardboard out of the house.

I turned the TV on when I sat in the recliner to wait to take my BP and give Spirit her pill, and there were no news other than a guy who took three hostages in the Discovery building. At the point that he threatened them, a police officer shot him. He also had bombs and something had smoke, but it didn't seem to hurt anything. Discovery had an excellent evacuation plan and got everybody else other than the hostages out right away. The police had to search the building because there were more backpacks and boxes that nobody claimed.

The zoo has four African lion cubs! They're being careful because the mother's sister had one in May (same father) and it only lived a few days.
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