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Late Sleep

I forgot to say yesterday that on the way home from Carrabbas, I stopped to use my Giant gas numbers at a Shell. I had 477 which meant 40 cents off each gallon -- $2.15.9 -- which is pretty good. I knew I had to use it soon because each point only lasts for 30 days and I was getting close to the time I got a lot of points. Indeed, when I went to the grocery today, I was down to 32 points. I got 50 more points (30 for cat stuff and 20 for my stuff) but I doubt I'll ever be up to 400 again.

It's going to be in the 90s from Sunday through Thursday (three of four weathercasters) which is why I went grocery shopping today instead of Monday.

I was online a long time last night because I'd last read ML at about 11am Thursday and here I was reading it at 11pm Friday. It took me a long time to catch up. When I got off, I read the paper, and kept thinking about all the little extra things of history that I didn't tell the doctor -- doctors who didn't know what they were doing, nurses who hit me, times I was more accurate than any medical person, etc. -- so I didn't finish the paper until 5am. I started reading in bed and I was still thinking about those things so I didn't get much read. When I got really sleepy, I turned the light out at 6:30am.

I woke up about 2:30pm (Junie tried a couple times earlier) and then got up to see that none of them had finished their dry food from last night. They don't seem to want me to give them more, either. However, this is a smaller size than the type I usually get (usually Indoor, but PetSmart was out and I got Mature) and so they're getting more to eat in the same measure, and maybe they're just not hungry.
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