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The New Rheumatologist

And boy do I feel old! She doesn't look much older than 25, but probably is, since Kaiser requires doctors to be board-certified. We went over all my history (so I was there 90 minutes) and she did a physical exam and we pretty much agreed that we'd do what Webster did -- four-week labs and see her every three months -- plus a single-time set of specific rheumatology labs, because I haven't had those recently. I stopped at Carabbas on the way home and had my traditional house salad and Margherita pizza. I brought 5/8ths of the pizza home, which is also traditional.

Yesterday the plumber finished at 5pm and told me the toilet was never going to wobble again because of the way he put it in. No charge, which I appreciate. I put my shoes on as soon as he left, to check the mail, and my check was in there so I deposited it at the credit union. I had to tell the teller to check because I could have all of the money then. She apologized, but this is the second month in a row. I could move to direct deposit for this, but that would be the 3rd of the next month (like Social Security). The checks come sometime between the 26th and 28th, usually, so roughly a week earlier.

I'd finished online before the plumber left, but booted back up to pay bills when I came home from depositing my check. I'd already read the paper and I had two hours of taped TV to watch, plus a show last night to watch. My plan was to read in bed for a while and then come out, see the taped shows, watch the other one, see the news and go to bed. But while I was reading, I started nodding off so I came out and watched the two taped shows, set the VCR to watch the show last night, and went to bed to read at 10pm, setting the alarm for noon. I read until 1am, finishing the book, and was still sleepy when the alarm went off, so I reset it for 12:30pm. On the way to the center, I dropped off two Richard Jury books and picked up the the next four. It has become obvious that the titles of the books are the names of pubs in the stories.

A pamphlet by a tea party group says: "Why do Muslims want to take over the world and place us under Shariah law?" and you know, this is not only inaccurate, it's stupid. The much more accurate version is "Why do Christians want to take over the world and place us under Biblical law?" Christians have had missionaries for years and years, while Muslims don't have missionaries at all.

In Maryland, there's an archaeological dig, now on National Park land, of a terrible slave village. The L'Hermitage property was owned by French folk, from Haiti, and they owned many more slaves than other people, mostly German, in the area did. And not only was their slave village out in front where people could see it, but so were the stocks and the whips and other torture equipment. The main house is still there, but nobody's seen the slave village in many years.

Back in 1991, the company that now has adulterated eggs, had a factory in Maryland that constantly had salmonella. Maryland was able to keep them from selling those eggs in MD, but when they told the factory not to sell out of state, the company sued. "Salmonella enteritidis contamination of poultry products appears to approach epidemic proportions and the dangers of contamination are very real," wrote the federal judge, Herbert L. Murray. "However, the state of Maryland cannot act, on its own initiative, to protect the citizens of another state from eggs that the Maryland Department of Agriculture suspects might be contaminated.". The FDA and Agriculture would have had to act, and they didn't. The contaminated eggs were sold to lots of other states. Sound familiar?

One of the WashPost's op-ed columnists, Harold Meyerson, yesterday covered the division of so many rules and regulations, for example, the egg rules are handled by two agencies. Interesting column.
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