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Losing Words

That's what happens when you get about 5.5 hours sleep. After I got offline last night, I still had things I needed to do and did them, but I hurt too much to scoop the litterboxes. I figured I'd read some of Wednesday's paper, then scoop, then go to bed. Spirit came up and sat on my lap while I read and made her happy closed eyes, so I read all of the paper which meant that after I scooped, I was in bed at 4am. I had my night meds before I went to bed and read almost an hour and then got up when the alarm went off at 6am. Junie was bouncing again, thinking it was time for breakfast, but it wasn't.

So Spirit and I napped in the recliner starting at 6:45am until the plumber got here at 10:30am, but the napping wasn't continuous -- the landscapers were mowing and so forth. All the cats hid, and then the plumber said he had an emergency, but that the plumber who worked with the toilet the last time was coming. He's here and will see what's wrong. I suspect they won't connect this with the last time he did this and I'll have to put the new payment on a credit card. Ah, he says last time he put a metal ring under the flange and this time he'll put it on top. That does sound like it will work better.

Martin Luther King III wrote an op-ed comparing his father's "March on Washington" and Glenn Beck's rally this weekend. It's very thoughtful, considering what he was talking about.
Tags: cats, plumber, politics, reading, sleeping

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