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Green! Blue!

Yes, it was in the 80s, but there was no humidity! Everything was amazingly beautiful with no water in the air!

Last night Spirit slept in my lap off and on -- I had to get up once and she didn't come back until the next time I got up -- and I don't know about tonight because I've had a bad day and haven't sat in the recliner since 2pm.

I had the appointment with the nephrology NP, but she had an emergency so I sat up straight for 2.5 hours plus here at the desk when I got home. I went to bed at 8pm with a narcotic, read a bit, and slept at 9pm. I had the alarm set to midnight to decide if I should get up and do things, or just take regular night meds and get up at 4am, but Junie kept bouncing on me and I got up a bit before 11pm and watched the news from here.

The NP told me that some of the labs are getting too close to me needing two more meds. I already have alternating days with 19 and 20 and I don't really want more, but I can't do much about the carbon dioxide and the parathyroid.

I don't know why I did this, maybe because she woke me up, but I agreed to have the plumber come between 7-11am tomorrow (well, today now) instead of in the afternoon, so I may not sleep until he comes, or sleep a bit in the recliner.

Hmmm, I was going to get two other articles, but this was on the front page. The man who was Bush's campaign chairman in 2004 and the RNC chairman 2005-2007, Ken Mehlman, has announced he's gay. Good for him.

"Women who consumed one or two servings each week of high-quality chocolate, which contains a higher density of cocoa, had a 32 percent lower risk of developing heart failure than women who did not regularly eat any chocolate".

One of the WashPost columnists was comparing how the military had many more musicians than the Foreign Service has employees. In the column, he gave the range for the Foreign Service, and then said that members of the special bands get an annual salary of $51,000 for single people and $58,000 for married ones. It was like that when I worked, and it wasn't fair then, either. I did as much or more than the guys who were married, and I should have been paid as much, too.
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