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Stepped into the Donut Hole

Yes, the meds I ordered Saturday and Monday pushed me into the donut hole. Medicare is supposed to send me $250 and more money every month until the end of the year. I hope it comes soon.

I'm not as dizzy today, just the left head turns, so I don't know what the big event was. I fixed an anklet for a friend, watched three hours of TV I'd taped before (and two of them are on again tonight), read the paper and went to bed at 2:30am. I thought I'd finish half of the seventh Richard Jury book last night, but I kept nodding off closer to a third. I slept at 5am and had the alarm set for 1pm. However, I had four phone calls during my sleeping time, so I slept an extra hour to 2pm. I had a call reminding me of my nephrology appointment tomorrow (which I already knew, of course), one telling me it's time for my mammogram (and I know that, I just have too many appointments until next week at least), one wanting to set up the referral for the nutritionist (from the kidney class), and then MyPlumber, wanting to know if the toilet is stable, and it's not, so they come 7-11am on Thursday. My only free day this week other than today.

The temperature here is about 73 now and even with the AC turned up to 74F, it didn't get higher than 71 so I swapped over to heat. The next days are supposed to be 80s except 91F on Monday.

Spirit didn't come sleep in my lap last night, either. I only had the pillow for fixing the anklet on my lap for 30 minutes, but she still wouldn't come. She did rest her chin on my side of the bed, so I could pet her. She was in my lap this morning again, and I hope she comes back to my lap later.

The Pentagon, also a 9/11 hit, has an interfaith chapel that is used by many religions, including Muslims, and nobody objects.

Our very conservative Attorney General is pushing to make two items almost unusable: He says all abortion provider clinics must meet hospital requirements. This would leave about four providers in the state. It does have to be approved by the Board of Health, who are mostly Democrats, so that may not happen.

He also says government places don't have to ban holiday displays. That's just going to make a lot of lawsuits from the people whose religions are left out.
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