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Poor Spirit

The last five nights, Junie has come to sit on my lap while Spirit is already there. Everything was fine, and she left by herself on the first four, but last night she just, out of the blue, attacked Spirit. All the fur on my pants and on the floor were Spirit's, and this morning, there were more clumps of hair to take out. She has a lot of scabs. She wouldn't sit with me last night while I read the paper, and I don't blame her. I kicked Junie off my lap over and over until I finished the paper at 3am and went to read in bed. I let her be in the bed, but didn't let her be mean to Loki. I finished the book at 5:30am and set the alarm for 1:30pm. I had another of those hang-up calls; too bad they have different numbers.

I'm not as dizzy today so I went to the grocery. I already use the cart as a walker. I had to rest partway through the store, and I haven't done that for a while. I put the perishables away when I got home and sat in the recliner for a while. When I came over here to boot up the computer, I started feeling funny. That went away in about 10 minutes, but if it comes back, I'll nap.

I got the bed linens washed and the new sheets put on yesterday; today I'm washing cat blankies.
Tags: cats, errands, laundry, reading, sleeping
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