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I've been dizzy occasionally for a month or so, and in the last week figured out it happens when I turn my head to the left. It feels a bit like I imagine antigravity -- floating -- but last night it started all the time and that was scary. Fortunately, I have the condo set up so I can hang onto something everywhere. It's not as bad today, but now I'm wondering if it's labyrinthitis. I've been doing what my primary wants for sinusitis, but it hasn't changed, so I think she's wrong. I always thought my right ear was blocked and it still feels that way. I just emailed the ENT I saw about the loss of hearing in my left ear to see what he thinks.

After I got offline last night, very late, I read the paper and went to bed at 4am to read a bit. I read until 6:30am and came out for toast. It was when I was washing my hands before I got the bread that I started being dizzy all the time. I went back to bed and was right out at 7am.

I slept until almost 4pm, and everytime I woke up, I had the dizziness. I dangled for a bit and while that didn't help, it isn't as bad now. I read the front pages of the sections of the WashPost and watched the tape of Meet The Press. Mitch McConnell, the minority leader for the Senate, dodged almost every question David Gregory had. Gregory asked how he felt about 18% of Americans thinking Obama is Muslim, and he responded:

"The president says he's a Christian. I take him at his word," Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press." "I think the faith that most Americans are questioning is the President's faith in the government to generate jobs."

Doesn't sound like he actually takes Obama at his word.

A place to find out about egg safety is very thorough. It turns out that both companies that have recalled eggs get their supplies from the same company, which is also part of the higher company of one of the egg companies.
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