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The Price of the Stars by Debra Doyle and Jim Macdonald

This is the first book in the Mageworlds series, and their first book. It's also one of the very few books that everybody in the bookgroup has liked.

The past is set with a fight against mages and Beka's dad was the big general who made our side win. Beka's mom, who is the leader of their society, is assassinated, and her dad will give Beka\ his spiffed up warship if she brings the names of the people who killed mom to him. She adds on helpers and they swashbuckle through a lot of planets and plots. They find all the assassins (kill some) and bring them back to dad. The warship has to go into the docks and you know the next book will continue with more.

This is a very light space opera, the kind of thing where I was the only person who complained that space ships lifted directly from the planets, but I really liked it. The library has the rest of the series and when I finish the Richard Jury series, I'll read these.
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