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Not Quite Right

I read the paper early yesterday so I taped Eureka and watched it after I watched a DVD. I went to bed to read at 1am and finished at 4am when I realized that I was really hot. My temp was 100.2F and I don't have any febrifuges in the house. I drank lots of water and got cool enough to go to sleep at 6am. I had the alarm set for noon and figured I could manage, but then some young scrawny boy knocked on my door. I brought the paper in and told him I didn't want to buy whatever he was selling and changed the alarm to 12:30pm and went back to sleep.

We had another book where everybody liked it, which is not common, and one of our regular guys is moving (sniff). They're moving back to their home, Ohio, which works out particularly well because when they bought the house, they found out they're pregnant -- plenty of babysitters! Then ten of us went out to dinner afterwards.

Near the end of dinner, I was having trouble with words and getting sleepier and sleepier so I took the DVD and a coupon thing to the post office, gathered three days of mail on the way in, and sat in the recliner to sort it out. The restatis is costing me $37 more per month so I'm about $16 from the donut hole. I expect to get there next week. Medicare is supposed to send me $250 and then continue other months for the rest of the year.

After I had things put away, Spirit and I napped for two hours in the recliner. Junie woke us up by falling off the movable arm. Fortunately, only one remote went with her.

Back in 1990, the new nephrologist thought I was going to die because the previous nephrologist hadn't diagnosed my new renal failure. He found a study in Germany that was trying cyclosporine on people with lupus. It didn't work for that, but it saved my life. Now the FDA is giving HGS' new lupus drug a priority review. I hope it works.
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