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Sneaky Junie

Last night I read the paper and watched Royal Pains. The lariat I'm working on takes long enough to get ready to bead and to put away that I really need more than an hour to make it worth working on. I went to bed to read at 1:30am and as I was setting up, I found half of one of Junie's pill halves. A few minutes later I found another quarter, both in the bed. I decided to change morning order -- I used to give her the pill pocket first thing in the bed and then put in the restasis, which meant I couldn't see her eat it -- and today I did the restasis first and then sat up to give her the pill pocket. I put it carefully on the floor by the rug and I watched her eat it. I didn't see any pills coming out in the next 30 seconds or so, and I hope that will work. I got up at 1:28pm because the nurse at Kaiser Manassas called about an email I sent my doctor, and she still doesn't seem to understand what radiology wants her to do.

I need to clean two litterboxes today and I'm going to go ahead and put my bookgroup stuff in the rolling cart. It's about half and half that the high temperature will be 89 or 90 tomorrow, so as long as the Code Orange doesn't continue, I plan to go.
Tags: bookgroup, cats, weather

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