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Things I Forget to Post

Although I "slept" eight hours last night, I was awake a lot of the time so when I got home from the dentist I slept for two hours in the bed with Loki and Junie. I need to sleep in the recliner more with Spirit.

A new poll shows that almost a fifth of Americans think Obama is a Muslim. Many of them say they found this out from TV.

Millions of eggs are have salmonella. Check your fridge.

One of the WashPost columnists wrote one using a letter George Washington sent to Jews whose synagogue he'd visited, and interpolating blurbs from Republicans who think the Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero is bad. It's very interesting what George felt about it.

An analysis on the "don't ask, don't tell" found that of the hundreds thrown out last year, there was a disproportionate number of minorities and women. No surprise, I suppose.
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