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Home Today and Dream

No PetSmart today, I can barely move. Some of it is the weird positions for the test yesterday and then the grocery store excitement and some of it is the cold. It was down to 5F overnight -- the coldest night in recorded history here. I know some of y'all think of that as winter normal. I already had the trash-taking-out moved to Thursday and have moved PetSmart there, too. Tomorrow I have the EEG.

I'm sure the movie I watched last night made the setting for this dream -- on an asteroid where one person had gotten off and to Earth because of her art (face of Rain Pryor for some reason). She did collages in blues & greens. I was visiting there and found everybody else trying blue & green collages and I worked with them to expand their techniques, tools, and style because nobody else was going to get off with the same thing as Rain.
Tags: dreams, health

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