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My Teeth

Last night I watched TV and read the paper then went to bed to read at 1:30am. I read until 4am and slept, getting up at noon for the dentist appointment. I knew it was going to be bad -- I haven't seen a dentist in probably 10 years -- but one of the things that is planned to remove from Medicare Advantage plans is dental plans. So I need to get up to date by the end of the year.

I had panoramic xrays and the dentist checked my teeth. I need some root canals and my wisdom teeth out (they must have made new methods for that because nobody would take them out before 1987), plus two too-damaged teeth out. The first two will be done by a specialist and I'll get the referral next week. The specialist might also take the too-damaged teeth out, as long as they're working in there. The plan won't pay for hospital admission for dental work so I guess I'm going to have to risk having the anesthesia at the specialist's office.

The dentists will deal with cavities and crowns. She told me that some of the damage was from not seeing a dentist, but that most of it was from some of the things wrong with me and some of my meds. I didn't realize that, and it does make me feel a bit better.

I'm going to have to put all this -- I'm guessing, looking at the plan directory, it will be about $5K -- on a credit card that I have been only paying off for a few years.

Tomorrow is in the 90s with Code Orange so I'll be home, which is good. Unfortunately, I've started seeing forecasters say Saturday will be in the 90s. I don't know about the Codes. I was really looking forward to going to bookgroup this month.
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