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Chronic Kidney Disease Class

Last night I watched The Closer, finished the paper, and went to bed to read. I went to sleep at 3am and got up at 11am, then headed off to the CKD class. I thought I already knew what was in it, and I did, but the nurses and nurse practitioner kept whining on me to go. I've had kidney disease since 1987 and I've been to many classes, nutritionists, and other "educational" events and this one wasn't much different. The nurse is putting in nutritionist referrals for all of us, and I'll take that, just so it shows up on my chart.

I was careful not to talk about how different my life is -- all of these folks were in stage 1 except a few in stage 2. I'm in stage 3 and have been in stage 4 recently and stage 5 back when I had kidney failures. Plus, I have so many other things wrong with me. I can't cook on any regular basis and yes, I am capable of reading Nutrition Facts and Ingredients. And even though I currently weigh 290, I have trouble getting up to the required minimum 1000 calories every day. The nutritionist may help with that.

Sitting up for 2.5 hours and being pleasant has really exhausted me. I'm going to nap for a bit, watch some TV, and maybe come back for LJ and ML. Maybe I'll just read those tomorrow.
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