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The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Yes, another man making friends with critters. However, I think parrots are smarter than grizzlies and definitely won't kill you.

Mark Bittner headed to San Francisco planning to be a rock & roll musician (we hear a bit of folk) and that doesn't work out. He does a lot of odd jobs and then decides to become a birdwatcher and in the process sees all the parrots on Telegraph Hill. He feeds them and takes care of them. He names them and takes pictures of them. He gets a lot of what he needs because of his work with the birds -- a loaned cottage on the hill, free food, free seeds, etc.

We see a lot of interaction with birds, including his reaction to bird deaths. There comes a time when the cottage has to be renovated and he doesn't have a place to go. He takes the sick birds to a couple who will take them to a bird rescue in Phoenix, and says a final goodbye to the rest.

He talks to the council and suggests that feeding wild birds in parks like that is not a good idea, and the council made that a law. A councilman said they had responses ranging from they should get a dispenser machine for seeds to catching and killing them because they were non-native.

Early in the movie, the filmographer, Judy Irving, asks him why he has long hair (tied down his back) and at the end, we see someone cutting his long hair off. The next scene is Mark standing with his short hair and Judy comes around in front of the camera to tell us that they're a couple. They married a few years later.

I liked this, even though there were sad parts.
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