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More Thunderstorms?

We have a warning for severe thunderstorms, but the coastal flood warning is gone. It's 94F now and humid, so other than bringing the paper in from the stoop, I've been inside.

Last night, after I got offline, I read part of the paper, watched Drop Dead Diva, finished the paper by the end of the news, and watched a DVD. I'd planned to sleep at 3am and set the alarm for 11am, but I read until 4am and then my stomach growled. I had toast and petted Spirit, and ended up getting up at 1:30pm. Tomorrow, I'll just have to set the alarm for 11am and get up no matter what.

A 737 crashed on landing and broke into three parts, but only one person died. There were police at the airport waiting to take the plane out, and they helped get people out of the plane.
Tags: airplane crash, dvd, food, reading, sleeping, tv, weather

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