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Good Weather Today!

Last night I read the paper and watched a DVD. I went to bed to read at 2am and planned to sleep at 4am, but only made it to 3am. I left the alarm set to noon, and after skimming the front pages of today's paper, I dropped the DVD at the post office and went to the grocery. Tomorrow, and maybe Tuesday, are now considered to be at least 90F. I have an appointment on Tuesday, so I'll have to brave it. It was only 77F when I was out today, and not very humid. I was very happy with the windows open, and it's been a long time since then.

I have the laundry in now and have most of the clean sheets on the bed.

I had a very odd thing happen with Netflix. I have a three-DVD plan and when I picked up Saturday's mail on the way back from the grocery, it had another DVD. So between the time that was delivered and today when I took another one back, I had four DVDs.
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