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More Long Sleep

I was online long enough last night that I taped Eureka. I read the paper during part of the hour before the news and through the news and then just sat and watched Eureka. I read until 4:30am -- finished the fourth Richard Jury book and will start the sixth tonight (the library doesn't have the first and fifth) -- but I slept until 3:30pm. I'm going to have to start setting the alarm because I have two appointments next week and two the next week, too.

I've had the green cube glass vase for two days now. When I unpacked it, I put it on the top of the end table and Spirit immediately went over and stuck her entire head in. I put it down with her bed and water and it looks to me like she's the only one eating from it. I can't be sure during the night, but the vase hasn't been moved and the pyrex bowl had been moved so the big cats could get to it. The vase is a lot heavier, too.

I woke up with pain in my right neck and will take a nap in the new recliner soon, after pain meds. The opening arm is causing a lot more trouble than I expected. Junie and Spirit are both having problems with it opening while they're on it, and I've opened it a few times with my elbow. Since I don't need the places inside, I may see about gluing the arm shut.
Tags: cats, pain, reading, recliner, sleeping, tv

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