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Less Rain Today

Less rain, but yesterday's two big thunderstorms made lots of trees come down, many on things including roads, fires, flash floods, and waterspouts. Many people are still without electricity and can't leave their houses. The state of Maryland is investigating Pepco because most of the electrical outages are in Maryland on Pepco lines.

Last night I read the paper and then watched Royal Pains, a light show for the summer. I was really sleepy and when I went to bed to read at 11:45pm, I was nodding off at 12:15am. I turned the light off and was asleep before 12:30am. I didn't set the alarm and I slept until 1:30pm and only woke them because of my bladder. I guess it was the sweeping on Wednesday and lack of sleep Wednesday night.

I took the trash and recycling out and saw a calico cat where the orange one was before. Maybe it twitches its nose. I had my labs done and then lunch at Chili's. There are other restaurants I like close, but I just felt like them today.

Now all the cats have tried out the recliner, but Spirit had trouble getting down from the back. The old recliner had flatish arms and this one has slightly domed arms. She slid off onto the edge of the tackle box that keeps my bead tools and it fell over with her and then she hit the bottom of the cat furniture. Junie found the arm that folds back and has places for a drink and remotes -- plus a hole out the back of the remote place for something electric, I think -- and then she tried to get the other arm up, too. I told her there was nothing there and she stopped.
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