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American Astronaut

The Netflix sleeve says this is a "surreal space-western musical" and I think that's a little overboard. It's definitely space opera (most of which is like westerns) and a musical, but it's also a quest movie. It's in black and white and the members of the Billy Naylor show take most of the parts and all the music. I think it was done for under $5K -- the model work is much like The Twilight Zone.

Samuel Curtis goes from asteroid to planet to planet, etc., trading up so he can make a fortune and retire in South America. His spaceship is a train engine and it flumps rather than lands. Sam is being chased by Professor Hess who wants to apologize to him and then kill him. In the meantime, Hess uses some kind of water-removing ray to kill everybody he comes into contact with. During the quest and the chase, we see the utter devastation of male-dominated space and the lovely elegance of female-dominated space. We also see Sam choose good over evil.

It's a quirky movie with great music. I liked it.
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